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Title of Committee: ASC OP - Accredited Standards Committee for Optics and Electro-Optical Instruments

Scope of Committee: Standardization of terminology, requirements, interfaces and test methods in the field of optics. This includes complete systems, devices, instruments, optical components, auxiliary devices and accessories, as well as materials.

Exclusions from Scope: The scope of the committee does not include standardization for specific items in the field of cinematography (SMPTE), photographic apparatus (ANSI/NAPM IT3), ophthalmic lenses(ANSI/Z80), eye protectors (ASTM), micrographics (ANSI/AIIM C23), fiber optics for telecommunication (ANSI/EIA/TIA FO-6.3) and electrical safety of optical elements.

Secretariat: Optics and Electro-Optics Standards Council
Chairperson: Hal Johnson
Vice-Chair: Walt Czajkowski
Secretary: Allen Krisiloff

Participants: 65
Voting Members: 43
Observing Members: 7
Alternates: 15

Interest Groups of Members:
Producer: 18
User Industrial: 18
General Interest: 14

Task Force 1: Optical Glass
: Hal Johnson

Task Force 2: Optical Surface Imperfections
: Gordon Boultbee

Task Force 3: Wavefront Measurement
: Dr. Peter Takacs

Task Force 4: Conversion of ISO 10110 into American National Standards
: Dave Aikens

Task Force 5: Aspheric Optics
: Dr. Richard Youngworth

Task Force 6: IR Materials
: Adam Phenis

Task Force 7: Laser Applications
: Trey Turner, Michael Thomas

Participating Organizations and Experts

4D Technology Corporation
Steve Martinek
E-Mail: steve.martinek@4DTechnology.com
Interest: User-Industrial

Walter Czajkowski
E-Mail: wczajkowski@edmundoptics.com
Interest: Producer

Brookhaven National Lab.
Peter Takacs
E-Mail: takacs@bnl.gov
Interest: General Interest

Corning Tropel
Paul Dewa
E-Mail: dewapg@corning.com
Interest: Producer

Adam Phenis
E-Mail: amphenis@gmail.com
Interest: User-Industrial

Davidson Optronics, Inc.
Don Pearson II
E-Mail: don.pearson@davidsonoptronics.com
Interest: User-industrial

E. R. Precision Optical
Jason Hess
Brian Weinberg, alternate
E-Mail: jhess@eroptics.com
Interest: Producer

Edmund Optics
Walter Czajkowski
E-Mail: wczajkowski@edmundoptics.com
Interest: Producer

Fairfield Crystal Technology
Andy Timmerman
E-Mail: atimmerman@fairfieldcrystal.com
Interest: Producer

FLIR Precision Optics (observer)
Robert Bush
E-Mail: robert.bush@flir.com
Interest: Producer

Gage-Line Technology, Inc
Frank Dombrowski
E-Mail: fad@gage-line.com
Interest: Producer

Dr. Marla Dowell
E-Mail: mdowell@boulder.nist.gov
Interest: General Interest

II-VI Optical Systems
Melissa Stout
Doug Hibbard, alternate
E-Mail: mstout@lwos.com
Interest: Producer

IRradiance Glass, Inc.
Dave Musgraves
E-Mail: musgraves@irradianceglass.com
Interest: Producer

JDS Uniphase Corporation
Maria Light
Doug Wilgis, alternate
E-Mail: maria.light@JDSU.com
Interest: Producer

JML Optical
Hal Johnson
E-Mail: hal_f_johnson@sbcglobal.net
Interest: Producer

LaCroix Optical Co. (observer)
Ray LaCroix
E-Mail: lacroix@lacroixoptical.com
Interest: Producer

Lattice Materials, LLC
Mike Foster
E-Mail: MikeF@latticematerials.com
Interest: Producer

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Valeriy Yashchuk
E-Mail: vvyashchuk@lbl.gov
Interest: General Interest

Lighthouse Imaging
Dennis Leiner
E-Mail: dcleiner@lighthouseoptics.com
Interest: User-Industrial

Lockheed Martin Co.
Dan Palmari
Robert Murphy, alternate
E-Mail: daniel.j.palmari.jr@lmco.com
Interest: User-Industrial

M3 Measurement Solutions, Inc.
Erik Stover
Jim Grimes, alternate
E-Mail: estover@m3msi.com
Interest: User-Industrial

Nikon Research Corporation of America
Brian Stamper
E-Mail: bstamper@nikonrca
Interest: User-Industrial

Dr. Marla Dowell
Dr. Leonard Hanssen, alternate
E-Mail: mdowell@boulder.nist.gov
Interest: General Interest

Northrop Grumman
Donna Howland
Chris Svec (observer)
John Hamilton, alternate
E-Mail: donna.howland@ngc.com
Interest: User-Industrial

Ophir-Photon, Inc. (observer)
Jeffrey Guttman
E-mail: jeff.guttman@us.ophiropt.com
Interest: Producer

Ophir-Sphiricon LLC
Jed Simmons
E-mail: jed.simmons@us.ophiropt.com
Interest: Producer

Optical Imaging Association (observer)
Clark Mulligan
E-Mail: cmulligan@lpanet.org
Interest: General Interest

Optical Perspectives (observer)
Robert Parks
E-Mail: reparks@optiper.com
Interest: User-Industrial

Optimax Systems, Inc.
Rick Plympton
Mike Mandina, alternate
Dr. Kate Medicus, alternate
Dr. Jessica Nelson, alternate
Pat Augino, alternate
E-Mail: rick@optimaxsi.com
Interest: Producer

Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.
Sasha Perlman
E-Mail: sasha.perlman@optoalignment.com
Interest: Producer

Optical Society of America
David Jenkins
E-Mail: djenkins@synopsis.com

QED Technologies
Dr. Paul Murphy
Dr. Greg Forbes, alternate
Chris Supranowitz, alternate
E-Mail: murphy@qedmrf.com
Interest: User-Industrial

Quantel USA
Jason Yager
E-Mail: jyager@quantelusa.com
Interest: User-Industrial

R. A. Smythe, LLC
Robert Smythe
E-Mail: robert@rasmythe.com
Interest: General Interest

Ray Williamson Consulting
Ray Williamson
E-Mail: raywilliamson@verizon.net
Interest: General Interest

Reichert, Inc.
Doug Hoover
E-Mail: doug.hoover@ametek.com
Interest: General Interest

Research Electro-Optics, Inc.
Trey Turner
E-Mail: treyt@reoinc.com
Interest: Producer

Riyo, LLC
Rich Youngworth
E-Mail: ryoungworth@riyo-llc.com
Interest: General Interest

Rochester Precision Optics
John Deegan
Nick Smith, alternate
E-Mail: jdeegan@rpoptics.com
Interest: Producer

Savvy Optics Corp.
David Aikens
E-Mail: daikens@savvyoptics.com
Interest: General Interest

*Spica Technologies, Inc.
Michael Thomas
E-Mail: mdthomas@spicatech.com
Interest: General Interest

*Bob Hainsey
Peter Hallett, alternate
E-Mail: bobh@spie.org
Interest: General Interest

Triptar Lens Company, Inc.
Allen Krisiloff
E-Mail: allenkrisiloff@triptar.com
Interest: User-Industrial

University of Central Florida, CREOL (observer)
Dr. Kathleen Richardson
E-Mail: kcr@creol.ucf.edu
Interest: General Interest

*University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Dr. Chris J. Evans
E-Mail: cevans52@uncc.edu
Interest: User Industrial

Gordon H. Boultbee
E-Mail: gboultbee@aol.com
Interest: General Interest

Charles Gaugh
E-Mail: charlesgaugh@gmail.com
Interest: General Interest

William Royall
E-Mail: wroyall@rochester.rr.com
Interest: General Interest

Gary Wiese
E-Mail: gwiese17@gmail.com
Interest: User Industrial

* Tentative, subject to ratification by ballot


Optics and Electro-Optics Standards Council
Administration for US TAG to ISO/TC172 - Optics and Photonics
ASC OP - Committee for Optics and Electro-Optical Instruments

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