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ASC OP 2009 Technical Meeting Documents

Most of these documents have been saved in both PDF and HTML formats. If you want to download the PDF file rather than view it in the browser window, then right click the PDF link and select "save target as" or "save link as." The HTML files open in a new window or tab.

  • August 3, 2009 (San Diego, CA)
  • May 12, 2009 (Rochester, NY)
    • TF 4: Conversion of ISO 10110 Standards into American National Standards
      • Approved Agenda: PDF
      • Draft Minutes: PDF
      • BSR/OEOSC OP1.110-1: PDF
      • ISO 10110-5: PDF
      • ISO 10110-6: PDF
      • ISO 10110-6 Cor: PDF
      • ISO CD 10110-8: PDF
      • BSR-OEOSC OP1.110-9, 5-12-09: PDF
      • BSR/OEOSC OP1.110-10: PDF
      • ISO 10110-14: PDF
      • ISO FDIS 14999-4: PDF
  • May 11, 2009 (Rochester, NY)
    • TF 2: Optical Appearance Imperfection Standard
      • Approved Agenda: PDF
      • Draft Minutes: PDF
      • Picatinny Visit
        • Aiken's Trip Report – Visit to Picatinny Arsenal by representatives of OEOSC: PDF
        • OEOSC Picatinny Presentation: PDF
        • FLIR Presentation: PDF
        • Davidison Presentation: PDF
        • Savvy Optics Presentation: PDF
        • W. Royall Comments Concerning Picatinny Visit: PDF
        • C. Gaugh Comments Concerning Picatinny Visit: PDF
      • Update on Software Assisted Scratch Visibility Measurements: PDF, HTML
      • BSR/OEOSC OP1.002 Final Edits: PDF
      • Comments Concerning A. Krisiloff's Rev. 3 of BSR/OEOSC OP1.002: PDF, HTML
      • A. Krisiloff's Commentary on Comments received about proposed changes for OP1.002: PDF, HTML
      • Draft Microscope Inspection Method for BSR-OEOSC OP1.002: PDF, HTML
      • Todo List
        • Task Force Members provide comments concerning OP1.002b-20080120-WD2-allenDraft04 to A. Krisiloff by 3/27/09.
        • A. Krisiloff provide G. Kohlenberg comments from other Task Force Members so that they can be uploaded to the TF 2 web page for everyone to review.
        • A. Krisiloff provides update to Working Draft of OP1.002 to G. Kohlenberg by 4/11/09.
    • TF 3: Optical Wavefront Measurement Standard
      • Draft Agenda: PDF, HTML
      • Draft Minutes: PDF
      • BSR/OEOSC OP1.004, May2009: PDF, HTML
      • BSR/OEOSC OP1.005, May 2009: PDF, HTML
        The area in which C. Evans particularly needs guidance (and help) from the task force is in defining the number of examples of uncertainty evaluations that are required, and the type.
      • Todo List: PDF, HTML
  • March 19, 2009 Teleconference
    • TF 3: Optical Wavefront Measurement Standard
  • January 26, 2009 (San Jose, CA)
    • TF 4: Conversion of ISO 10110 Standards into American National Standards
      • Draft Agenda, Rev.1: PDF, HTML
      • Draft Minutes: PDF, HTML
      • BSR-OEOSC OP1 110-1 vsn 2 3: PDF
      • BSR-OEOSC OP1 110-10 vsn2 1: PDF
      • Comparison of Glass Standards: PDF
      • Proposed foreword to ISO 10110-5: PDF, HTML
      • Changes to ISO 10110-6: PDF, HTML
      • Foreword to ISO 14999-4: PDF, HTML
      • Foreword to ANS version of ISO 10110-8: PDF, HTML
      • Changes to OP1 110-9: PDF, HTML
      • Foreword ISO 10110-12 version 2007: PDF, HTML
      • Agreement for National Adoption of ISO Standards: PDF
      • Todo List: PDF
        • Specifically for this meeting:
          • Status report on OP3.001 and rewrite of ISO 10110-18 – A. Krisiloff
          • Proposed foreword to ISO 10110-5 – B. Catching
          • Status of ISO 14999-4 – B. Catching
          • Status of ISO 10110-6 – R. Williamson
          • Strategy for ISO 10110-8 – D. Aikens
          • Strategy for ISO 10110-9 . G. Boultbee
          • Strategy for ISO 10110-12 . B. Catching
  • January 25, 2009 (San Jose, CA)
    • TF 2
      • Approved Agenda: PDF, HTML
      • Draft Minutes: PDF, HTML
      • OP1.002b-20080120-WD2-allenDraft04: PDF
        • Glass Manufacturer Contacts: PDF
      • Scratch and Dig, One Hour Overview, Draft2c: PDF
      • Savvy Inspector Review: PDF
      • Todo List:
        • Concept for NWI for Rev. 3 OP1.002 . A. Krisiloff
        • Draft of 1-Hour Overview of Scratch and Dig . A. Krisiloff
    • TF 3
      • Approved Agenda: PDF, HTML
      • Draft Minutes: PDF, HTML
      • Slope in Standards Documents: PDF
      • BSR/OEOSC OP1.004-Jan 2009: PDF
      • OP1.004 Talking Points: PDF, HTML
      • PSD examples results 090122: PDF
      • OP1.005 Discussion: PDF
      • BSR-OEOSC-OP1005, January2009CE2: PDF
      • Todo List
        • Draft of BSR/OEOSC OP1.004 – Peter Takacs
        • Contact Ted Vorburger concerning status of ASME B46.1 standard – M. Dowell
        • Look at PSD – V. Yashchuk J. DeGroote put down .
        • Look at filtering in real space as seen in other standards – C. Evans
        • Questions concerning what manufacturers would want to see from a user point of view – J. DeGroote Nelson
        • Draft Scope of BSR/OEOSC OP1.005 – C. Evans, J. Degroote Nelson
        • Act as interim Project Leader – C. Evans

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